Why Choreography?


Creating allows me to fully follow my intuition. I see something appearing which I didn’t know to even be existing in me or the dancers/collaborators before. Through the medium of choreography it comes to life.

Deliah’s choreographic works have been performed at national and international Dance Festivals in Germany and the UK. 

During her studies at Iwanson International she took the opportunity to create several group pieces for performances at Kranhalle Munich, state theatre Tübingen and later Pepper theatre Munich.

Through her studies at Trinity Laban and her collaboration with sound artist and composer Xavier Velastin she was inspired to increasingly work interdisciplinary and incorporate other media into her choreographies. In the “Poem of the Body” Xavier and her integrated motion capture controllers and broken spoken words would be triggered through movement. “The Poem of the Body” and her following pieces “Human” and “Presence and Absence” all focused on constructing and deconstructing memory: Inspired through the individual experiences of the dancers, Deliah started collecting parts of a story, a puzzle that would project a feeling or mood and create a non-linear collection of scenes.

For her pieces “Presence and Absence” and “Insight” the performance space became another important aspect to work with and she used some of her film edits to incorporate projections and large screens to shape the space.

In 2018, Deliah started working on her new piece “Waves” which premiered at the Poetry in Motion in April 2018 in Germany and which has since been reworked for the Social Arts Festival (2018) in London as well as performances in Kiel in 2019.

Find below some impressions of Deliah’s work.

Ganze Fragmente (2015),

The Poem of the Body (2016) – Motion.Captured,

Human (2016)

WAVES (2018)

Choreographies in chronological order:

Running (2010)

Breathe Me (2010)

Three (2012)

A Journey (2013)

Opportunities (2013)

Zusammen (2014)

20’s (2014)

Heart Cry (2015)

Waves (2015)

Ganze Fragmente (2015)

The Poem of the Body (2016)

Human (2016)

Barefoot (2016)

Presence and Absence (2017)

Insight (2017)

Waves (2018)